If you’re looking into real estate investments, look no further. Andreas Georgiou constructions and Developments are simplifying your search by offering first class properties, in prime locations with great rental return. For A.Georgiou the most important factor is to create a risk free investment for the determine investor.
The bottom line is that when deciding to invest we make the process easier, safer with selections of many property choices.

Acquiring  Cypriot (EU) Citizenship by Exemption:

New Criteria and Procedure

On the 13/9/2016, the Council of Ministers announced the implementation of an updated procedure and a series of financial criteria for investors wishing to obtain the Cyprus Citizenship. The new criteria are even more favourable than before with the minimum necessary amount of investment having been reduced from €2.500.000 to €2.000.000.

Under the new procedure, the investors are given several options as to how they can invest in the Republic of Cyprus, providing greater flexibility.

Even though the new criteria have immediate effect, already submitted applications will be based on the provisions as were applicable at the time of submission. However, investors who already submitted their applications have the possibility of withdrawing and applying anew based on the new criteria as of 13/9/2016.

Potential applicants will have a choice as to which of the two schemes they would like to apply for under until the 31/10/2016. From the 1/11/2016, only the new criteria will be applicable for the Cyprus Citizenship by investment scheme.

Acquiring Cyprus Permanent Residency (PR)

Acquire PR in Cyprus within max. 2 months by investing a minimum of €300.000 plus VAT in one or two new properties.
There is no requirement for living permanently in Cyprus but just to visit Cyprus at least once during the first year of the issuing of the PR and then once every two years.
Criteria: clear criminal record, annual income of at least €30.000 and a fixed deposit in a Cypriot bank of €30.000.

Projects - Real Estate  Investments 

A.Georgiou developers continue to offer a unique property portfolio with number of medium-scale development projects, ranging from residential to commercial projects including holiday apartment, offices and hotel. These projects are either being build or designed with planning permission, offer attractive options for investment in the land development industry.

Reasons to invest in Cyprus
1- Taxation System
2- European State Member
3- Member of the European Monetary union
4- Legal & Regulatory framework
5- Macroeconomic prospects & Energy opportunities
6- Strategic position
7- Quality of Life
8- High Level of services
9- Advance infrastructure
10- High Standards of Education & Medical